What is danaquarium?

It’s a renamed version of a site that started out called Mac OS D. It drifted into something completely non Mac related, so I changed the name. Now it’s all about me – like you couldn’t guess from the name (Hi, I’m Dana BTW) The old description of Mac OS D is below

It’s little more than a site with various curious mac things. Probably mostly old, perhaps a few new, and the occasional completely off topic article that I find interesting. I reserve the right to stray completely from that formula :). I may even just make stuff up for the sake of posting it. Be warned.

For those who’ve asked what the D stands for, pick one. It doesn’t really matter. I’ve had Dana, (my name. Hello!) Dumb, D=500 (the roman numeral), “OS D” sounding like “LSD” as a reflection of how odd mac users can seem, and “OS D” sounding like “OD”… with the same implications.

Are any of them correct? Probably.

For now it’s just an experimental thing, something to fulfil an interest of mine, and may or may not last. It’s really stretching the abilities of the server (A 6360/200 running Debian GNU/Linux) so if I decided to make this the entire site, I’d have to upgrade once more, and the only machine spare for that is the iMac. I’m not too fond of the idea of using my backup machine as a dedicated server :).

Still, I’ll be putting time into running Mac OS D and just enjoying it. Feel free to drop back from time to time.