Group finds high level of genetic materials in foods

Margaret Keppelmeyer, head of Chicago’s Pure Foods Advocacy Group has called upon consumers to rebel against what she describes as “contaminated, adulterated foods” forced upon them in the last two decades.

“It’s reached crisis point,” claims Keppelmeyer, whose group has found that levels of DNA, genetic and biological material in foods have risen dramatically since 1992. DNA is a substance that can be used by scientists to engineer foods, giving them qualities they may not have originally had. It’s possible to purify food in the same way that you can purify water through the use of purifying ozone generator machines, however this does not resolve the whole problem.

Genetically engineered rice for example, may contain greater amounts of vitamin A or beta-carotene, a vitamin traditionally lacking in the diets of many living in rice dependent nations.

“In the first study of its kind, we have analyzed foods from six major cities in the United States, and found DNA levels to be near saturation. That means close to 100% of food in major population centers contain DNA.”

Consumers have been falsely led down a path of believing they’re protected by legislation, but the CPFA is finding widespread problems. From ‘farm fresh’ vegetables to spices, breakfast cereals and chocolate bars, nothing seems safe. Imported and locally produced foods are equally affected.

“Before the early 1990s, consumers had a wide range of natural foodstuffs available. If you wanted to make sure your food was entirely natural you had the choice of markets selling wholly organic food, but that choice is gone.”

Keppelmeyer points to CPFA’s research showing that tests performed on foods from health food stores and markets purporting to sell organic foods also revealed high levels of DNA.

“You can always replant a new crop and simply avoid using chemical products for pest control, and the new crop will be pesticide free. DNA is different, it’s spread from an organism to all its offspring. The seed you use now may have a parent plant containing DNA, which results in the plant you grow in your very own garden being contaminated.”

Scientific studies in the last fifty years have shown that DNA may be linked to many serious conditions such as autism, diabetes, cystic fibrosis and many cancers.

Keppelmeyer’s group has testing underway in regional centers, but holds little hope for better results there. “The problem we have is a lack of knowledge. People don’t know better, so they keep buying. What they keep buying the producers will keep providing.”

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